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Family Love Letter

Introducing 'The Family Love Letter': The Essential Companion to Your Estate Plan

Prepare for the future with care and precision. Our 'Family Love Letter' packet is a thoughtful supplement to your Estate Plan and Will. It’s meticulously designed to cover all the essentials and more:

  • Professional Contacts: Keep vital information about your professional contacts, including names, addresses, and phone numbers organized and easily accessible.
  • Important Documents List: Stay updated on the whereabouts and latest versions of crucial documents, ensuring nothing is overlooked in your estate plan.
  • Ethical Will: A unique section dedicated to your ethical will, enabling you to pass on more than just assets, but also your values, life lessons, and wishes for your loved ones.
  • Locations of Valuables: Detail the specific locations of important items, eliminating any guesswork for your family in times of need.
  • Investment Details: A comprehensive overview of your investments, ensuring clarity and ease of management for future handlers.
  • Entitlements and Insurance Policies: Record details of money you are entitled to and existing insurance policies, offering a complete financial picture.

The 'Family Love Letter' is more than a document; it's a gesture of love and foresight, ensuring your legacy and intentions are clearly communicated and easily managed.

Request your packet today, and take a significant step towards comprehensive Estate Planning.

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